Let’s make Ashtachurna

Ashtachurna is a simple Ayurvedic medicine, always a part of my travel kit. It helps improve digestion and the appetite. What is Ashtachurna? This is a recipe from Ashtanga Hridayam, mentioned in the treatment of digestive disorders. Recipe: Dry Ginger Black Pepper Long Pepper Carom Seeds Rock Salt Cumin Seeds Black Cumin Seeds Asafoetida Gently… Continue reading Let’s make Ashtachurna

Ayurvedic Herbs – The Lesser Known Facts

Are you aware that some Ayurvedic medicines are more powerful than allopathic medications? They are still casually marketed and promoted as over-the-counter supplements and treatments. 98% of all herbal medicines mentioned in Ayurveda are combinations of herbs and not single herbs. Ayurveda has a well-developed medical system of healing diseases with herbs. However, this is NOT by using a single herb as a medicine. For example, using a super herb like Shatavari alone has very less effectiveness… Continue reading Ayurvedic Herbs – The Lesser Known Facts