Health Programs

Our health programs are thoughtfully designed to begin with identifying the root cause of your health condition, followed by a comprehensive treatment approach that involves 80% of food, lifestyle and routine and 20% of medicines.

If you are dealing with any chronic health condition, you can take our health programs that are tailored to assist in preventing, managing or reversing such conditions. We are immensely happy and humbled to say that our 3-month or 6-month programs have successfully facilitated the reversal of health conditions for 95% of our patients. This includes a wide range of ailments, such as diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues like ulcerative colitis, IBS - C, IBS – D and celiac disease, cancer rehabilitation and skin conditions, like psoriasis and eczema, among others.



I believe in food as medicine. I trust, respect and practice real Ayurveda. Hence all my prescriptions have an elaborate food plan based on Doshas and Ayurvedic routines and then a small section of medicines.

Since my treatment is largely with food correction, I do not need strong medicines to support my treatment, unlike contemporary Ayurvedic doctors. Ayurveda has an elaborate wing of strong medicines with heavy metals, etc. some of which are even stronger than Allopathic medicines, though more purified. More than contemporary Ayurveda, I follow my traditional family practice, which has never prescribed any medicines other than mild herbs. My medicines are mild, easy and home-made in my clinic.

You will not see even Shatavari or Ashwagnadha in my prescriptions. I believe that whether it is Ashwagandha or Shatavari or Paracetamol – all create an overload on your liver, kidneys, etc. I wish to rather take the patients who come to me for treatment on a simple, natural, easy journey (even for the internal organs), which will help their body heal by itself.

I do not have quick fixes. If you are faced with an acute situation – accidents, injury, infectious disease, please consult an Allopathic doctor. I do not believe in transient suppression of symptoms. My treatment takes time and is suitable for long- term health only.

There is no symptomatic treatment. Yes, Ayurveda is capable of treating symptoms well just like Allopathy. But trust me, treating the symptoms will only give you temporary relief.

Ayurveda is known for its massages, detox teas and kicharis. But do you know that Ayurveda is a proper medical system that treats diseases from the root?

My treatment is by addressing the root cause.

What is the root cause of diseases?

98% of the time it is your Ahara and Vihara (food and lifestyle).

When the root cause is treated, the disease subsides and will not come back, which means you don’t need life-long management of symptoms with pills! If you are planning to take my consultation or program, you must know certain things about me and my ethos related to treatment.

Our Programs

If you are suffering from a health condition other than the ones mentioned above, you can always enrol for a program specific to your disease. Feel free to reach out to our team, who will gladly assist you in finding the most suitable program for you. You can also  provide your details in the form given below so that our contact person can get in touch with you.