Top 10 Essential Ayurvedic Herbs

Herbs are an important part of Ayurveda. Ancient Ayurvedic texts have mentions of a huge variety of herbs that help heal an array of health conditions. Each of these herbs has high value for its special medicinal qualities and healing potential. The best part is that they offer mild yet efficient therapeutic benefits with few… Continue reading Top 10 Essential Ayurvedic Herbs

Why Ayurveda loves Guduchi?

Of all the herbs mentioned in Ayurveda, Guduchi or Giloy is my most favourite! It has given me the best results in treating diseases from diabetes to arthritis to autoimmune diseases to heart diseases to women’s health! Guduchi holds a significant place in Ayurveda, for its potent medicinal properties. Its botanical name, Tinospora cordifolia, stems… Continue reading Why Ayurveda loves Guduchi?