Ayurvedic recipe for hypothyroidism

Do you have hypothyroidism?    If yes, then this Ayurvedic recipe is for you!   You can include this Ayurvedic recipe for hypothyroidism in your everyday diet to get better effects. The main essence of the recipe is Moringa or Shigro. Drumsticks and the fresh leaves are the main ingredients of the recipe.    Moringa,… Continue reading Ayurvedic recipe for hypothyroidism

Do you have Hypothyroidism?

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism? We say in Ayurveda that food is medicine. I’ll tell you about one such food that can be used as medicine for hypothyroidism.  This is a replacement for the medication you’re taking. However, this is one food that you should include in your diet on a daily basis.  Moringa or… Continue reading Do you have Hypothyroidism?