Conception Program (6 months only)

Through our conception program, we help create the right environment in your womb to help you conceive naturally just how a seed is provided soil, air, water and sunlight to grow. We aim to create a similar environment for fertilisation and for your child to nurture, grow and develop within you. The initial three months involve the preparation phase where your body will be prepared to conceive by correcting the imbalances. The next three months will involve conception treatment with the help of Ayurvedic herbal combinations and formulations that enable natural conception. During consultation, it is important for both the partners to be present. If required, there will be consultation for both partners, though the primary focus of this program is on the female.

Conception Program -min


Initial consultation
When you enrol in our six-month Conception Program, you will have a consultation with the doctor, where you can discuss about your health concerns. Based on that, the doctor will create a personalised treatment plan. It includes Ayurvedic medicine prescription for your health conditions, a detailed food plan and a lifestyle plan with routines like oil pulling, Nasya, Abhyanga, etc. You will be receiving this within 3 days of consultation.
Getting your treatment plan and medicines
Once you get the plan and prescription from the doctor, you can order medicines locally or from online stores. We will provide you with all the assistance in sourcing them.
Daily accountability and 24/7 support
Once you receive the medicines, we will start a private WhatsApp group consisting of a team doctor, nutritionist, a head nutritionist and yourself, to take care of you on a daily basis and to assist you with your treatment plan. During this time, Doctor Rekha will be available on SOS. The aim of the WhatsApp group is to create accountability and new habits, to ensure compliance, and for modifying lifestyle. The group will help you achieve your health goals faster through meal-to-meal correction and progress check.
Panchakarma detox treatments (online)
Depending on your condition, you may have 2 or 3 Panchakarma cleanses. These are Ayurvedic detoxification treatments that help expel vitiated Doshas (toxins) out of the body.
Yoga classes
You can also enrol for online yoga sessions with Doctor Rekha’s own teacher (traditional Ashtanga yoga) based on your health condition, if required.
Fortnightly review consultations
Every 15 days, there will be review consultations to analyse your progress, based on your plan. Changes will be made to the diet and medicines, if required, to help you achieve your health goals.  



1 Main consultation with Team Doctor
5 Review consultations with Team Doctor
Daily Whatsapp coaching Medicines, routines & food plan supervised by Doctor Rekha
3 Plus Panchakarma body & mind detox cleanses
INR 36,000
2 Main consultations with Doctor Rekha
4 Review consultations with team doctor
Daily Whatsapp coaching Medicines, routines & food plan supervised by Doctor Rekha
3 Plus Panchakarma body & mind detox cleanses
INR 64,000