The big fake “Kitchari”

“Kitchari is a nutritious Indian dish consisting of rice and lentils or occasionally mung beans. Highly favored by Ayurvedic practitioners, Kitchari is an ideal dish for purifying the body. It is also comforting when you are not feeling well or bouncing back from overindulgence. Kitchari is unique because it provides both a cleansing and nourishing… Continue reading The big fake “Kitchari”

The big fake ‘Kitchari’

The thing about ‘Kitchari’ Kitchari is the most famous and hyped Ayurvedic food on the internet. It is a common Indian lunch dish. Ayurveda is much more than a Kitchari! There are so many awesome recipes in Ayurveda. Why only Kitchari? The fact is, most Kitchari recipes I have come across on the internet, and… Continue reading The big fake ‘Kitchari’