Did you know, according to Ayurveda, your bowel movements can say a lot about your digestion, health of body tissues, presence of parasites, prognosis of diseases and overall health.

To understand this, let us first understand the concept of Ama. The food you eat, if not digested well, gets converted into toxic waste known as Ama, which is said to cause overall imbalance in your body.

In modern terms, we can correlate this to poor gut health.

How to test if you have Ama?

There is a bowel movement test for Ama. If you have Ama, bowel sinks, and if you don’t have it your bowels will float.

If you find out that you have Ama, in all likelihood, you have an impaired digestive fire (Agni) that needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Doctor Rekha is a 4th generation Ayurvedic Medicine Doctor (BAMS) living in between Dubai and India who has patients from around the globe who believes that the wisdom of Ayurveda can help everyone lead a happy, heathy and disease-free life.

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