Just like we have three doshas (biophysical energies in our body) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, our mind has three gunas or qualities – Satwa, Rajas and Tamas. A Satwik mind is predominant of Satwa gunas, which are all the nice, good and ideal qualities you can think of.

Susruta – one of the 3 main acharyas of Ayurveda has mentioned about Satwik traits in his book, Susruta Samhita.

Kindness and compassion are some of the main traits of people with Satwik minds. They also live a simple life without being obsessed with material things.

People with Satwa guna treat everyone equally and live their life without hurting anyone. They always speak the truth and are unbiased.

They are in constant search of the ultimate truth – Moksha (higher consciousness), and always accept both negative and positive outcomes in the same manner.

Satwik minds have faith or belief and would involve themselves in reflection and meditation. They are also very interested in acquiring knowledge of the self. 

Curiosity and openness are also traits of people with Satwik predominant minds. They have a good memory, and often work to improve memory and recollection. They are also determined.

Last but not the least, people with Satwik traits are service minded and work without motive.

Satwa guna is a quality that brings stability to your mind. The moment you feel stability, happiness and wholeness in your mind is when Satwa guna is predominant in you. This quality brings out a balance in our lives and is the purest of all three gunas.

Satwa guna is often dominant in us for a specific period only. But, there are ways you can make these qualities last longer.

Best practices

Caraka Samhita – the ancient Sanskrit text on Ayurveda suggests best practices for a Satwik life.

Uplift your prana (vital energies) by practising Ahimsa –not hurting anyone intentionally. You can also engage yourselves in activities that make you happy while being helpful to others. This will help improve your Satwik traits.

Try to find eternal happiness by controlling all five senses.  Organise your life by maintaining a routine, in terms of meals, work, exercise and sleep. Meditate and pray before you begin your day and before you go to bed. This allows you to focus on yourself and will have a positive effect on your overall physical and mental health.

Nourish the mind by seeking ‘the truth.’ Be aware of your emotions, surroundings, actions, and overall physical and mental states that define the present you. This helps you learn something new about yourself with each passing moment.

Improve mental strength by facing adversities with a smile, with courage. If your daily activities give you anxiety, fear and sadness, you must look for a change in environment. You can take a break from your daily activities, and involve yourselves in something that would help you calm your mind.

Do the right things by practising abstinence from worldly pleasures. Prioritise activities that help you maintain Satwik states, like calmness, positivity, presence of mind, happiness, honesty, gratitude, compassion and much more, over those that give you momentary pleasures.

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