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Sperm health is a vital factor in fertility. The quality and quantity of sperm can significantly impact the chances of conceiving. It also has an impact on the overall reproductive health of men.

The testicles produce sperm. If you have noticed, the testicles hang below the body in a pouch called scrotum, and not inside the body. This is to maintain a temperature lower than the body temperature. Hence it is important to do cooling practices for healthy sperm.

Whether you are trying to conceive or just curious about how to maintain your reproductive wellness, the following tips can help.


Tips to boost sperm health


Improving sperm health does not require any complex rituals. Here are 5 simple ways by which you can boost sperm health:


  • Keep your laptops away from your lap
    Laptops can cause overheating of your scrotal area up to 5 degrees affecting your sperm health.


  • Keep your phones away from your pocket
    The Wi-Fi signals from phones emit EMF radiations and affect sperm count, and motility, and even alter the physical structure of sperm.


  • Include cooling foods in your diet
    “Cooling foods” does not mean cold foods, but those foods that have a cooling effect on the body like Amla, black raisins, sweet melons, tender coconut water, barley water, etc.


  • Strictly avoid incompatible foods
    Having incompatible foods affects digestion and absorption of food. Good absorption helps build and improve the reproductive tissue. Hence avoid combinations like fruit and milk, dairy and meat, etc.


  • Reduce stress and exercise more
    ‘Manopaghata’ or stress can increase cortisol levels and thus reduce testosterone levels – one of the important hormones for sperm health. Exercise works the opposite.


Remember, the above-mentioned tips are not just steps to boost sperm health; they are pillars of overall well-being as well. By adopting these practices, you’re not only supporting your fertility but also nurturing a healthier you. By taking these small, meaningful steps, you are empowering yourself to make a positive impact on your reproductive health!


Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm health


In 90% of the cases, sperm count, quality and motility can be increased tremendously with a few months of Ayurvedic treatment that involves just the right food, treatment and some medicines.

In a few extreme cases, treatments like a combination of Yapana and Anuvasana Vastis may be required and are found to be extremely effective.

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