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Coming from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners, Ayurveda has always been a part of my life. But it took me years and a personal experience to cement my trust in Ayurveda. 


I’ve diligently followed Ayurvedic practices in every aspect of my life since then. That includes things I have to avoid.  


Things I won’t do as an Ayurvedic doctor


As an Ayurvedic doctor, here are 5 practices I would never do:  


  • Waking up late

For many years, I have been waking up at 5 am – be it on a regular day, during weekends, or even when I am on vacation. My first consult starts at 6 am every day and I am proud to say my team who assists me in my morning consults are also early risers. Waking up early before sunrise is the first Ayurvedic daily routine mentioned in the Samhitas.  


  • Sleeping after 6 am

I don’t do day naps. Like I always say, day napping is not for all. It is a Kapha increasing and Vata decreasing activity. You shouldn’t day nap if you are overweight or obese, consume oily and fatty foods excessively or if you have any Kapha-related conditions like diabetes, PCOS, hypothyroidism, etc.   


  • Having cold water/drinks/juices or raw salads

Raw salads, cold drinks, cold juices, cold water – all of these are Vata increasing and make digestion sluggish. You cannot live an Ayurvedic life without taking care of your Vata!  


  • Oiling hair overnight

Leaving hair oil overnight is a 100% no-no for me. This may be a “traditional practice” but it is not an Ayurvedic practice. Leaving oil overnight increases the mucous and accumulation in the body.  


  • Shower after meals

As the sun sets, digestion also sets down. Hence if you eat after sunset, chances are you will not be able to digest the food completely leading to Ama- toxic waste build-up in the body. Showering is a cold practice. Digestion needs a warm environment. These two do not go well with each other. I try to take a shower 1 hour before a meal and never after a meal. If I have to, I would do it after the meal has been completely digested.  


As an Ayurvedic doctor, these are some of the practices I often recommend to my patients to avoid. Following the above-mentioned practices has been helping me lead a healthy life.   


What are the changes you have brought to your life after you started following me? Let me know in the comments ❤️ 


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