goat milk good or bad

There are many discussions going on about whether milk is good for your health or not. And one of the varieties of milk that is part of the debate is goat milk.


In this blog, let us find the answer to the question from the Ayurvedic perspective.


Properties of goat milk


Picture a goat in your mind—it is lean, always active, drinks lots of water and loves eating grass. Surprisingly, goat milk also has similar properties. According to Ayurveda, consuming goat milk can help maintain a lean physique, enhance activity levels, boost strength, alleviate Kapha, and prove beneficial for conditions related to dryness and weakness


Ashtanga Hridayam Suthrasthana – an ancient Ayurvedic text mentions the following about goat milk.


Atyambupana vyayama katu

tiktaashanair laghu। 

ajam shosha jwara swasa

rakta pitta atisarajit।।  


Goat milk is beneficial for those who engage in excessive physical activity and consume a lot of water. It has a pungent or bitter taste, making it light and easily digestible. Goat milk is beneficial for conditions like emaciation, fever, and shortness of breath It also helps pacify conditions related to bleeding disorders (Rakta Pitta) and is effective in alleviating diarrhoea.


Goat milk for kids


Diluted goat milk with a lot of water is a good replacement for breast milk for babies. It also helps subside loose motions in babies and kids. But make sure that the goat milk is genuine.


As we navigate through the infinite number of debates surrounding milk consumption, the Ayurvedic perspective sheds light on the goodness of goat milk. It is a nourishing alternative even for babies. Our cultural practices, rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda, continue to shape our dietary choices.


Whenever a baby is born in my family, the first thing people look for is a good source of goat milk. If you ask my grandmother, she will say goat milk is great for kids. But she may not know the reason.


That is how Ayurveda has been interwoven in our culture. It is high time we are appreciative of our culture and Ayurveda. Let us go back to our roots. Are you with me?

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