5 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Healthy Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important sense organs. You get to perceive the visual information of everything around you through your sight.

The eyes are the seat of Pitta (heat) and a Pitta imbalance can result in eye problems. Therefore, it is important to protect your eyes from different eye diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma or any condition that can lead to vision loss. To maintain healthy eyes, you can avoid making the following mistakes:

Using warm water to wash eyes

Washing your eyes with warm water can be damaging. As we mentioned before, the eyes are the seat of Pitta and have to be washed with room temperature or cold water.

Not blinking often

Blinking is a natural physiological process to lubricate the eyes. When glued to screens, we often forget to blink. When you do not blink often, your eyes tend to dry out and feel tired. Therefore, make a conscious effort to blink often.

Overusing artificial eye drops

Many people use eye drops to keep their eyes moisturized. However, using them for a long time can leave your eyes drier and irritated. You can use Ayurveda- recommended oil-based eye drops instead for long-term use

Using warming sleep masks and hot packs

Warming eye masks for sleeping ‚especially if they are tight, can cause blurriness to your eyes.  Also, the material used can cause irritation to the eyes for some. Let your eyes free and breathe in the night. Also, for infection, stye, etc., use a cold pack instead of a hot one as the heat can aggravate whatever eye issues you have.

Rubbing the eyes

Rubbing the eyes is a common habit that everyone has. We often rub our eyes out of habit when, in fact, we forget that there may be an underlying problem causing it. Rubbing your eyes for any reason is blasphemous for eye health. Eyes have a very thin layer of conjunctiva that protects them. When we rub our eyes vigorously, we will be pushing the dirt or dust on the surface deeper into the eyes. It can also cause tear to the cornea. So, instead of rubbing, reach out for cold water and wash your eyes.

And if you’re struggling with any issues in your eyes, book a consultation with us or if you have any queries, contact us. We’ll help bring back your healthy eyes.

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