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I am a full-time Ayurvedic doctor who works from 6 am to 8 pm. Apart from consultations, I deal with team meetings, supervise products and medicines supervision and create content about Ayurveda.

Yes, I am very busy in life, but still am very active on social media. Here is why.

Right information

I believe, the choices that you make in your life should be from a point of awareness and not ignorance. As an Ayurvedic doctor, my higher goal or dream or vision is to bring global acceptance to Ayurveda. Some write books, some do talks, and I create content as simple as that.

There is no money to be made if everyone has good health. There is a lot of money involved in selling sickness. The medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and diagnostics industry – all thrive upon this factor!

The beauty of Ayurveda, unlike other medical systems, not only talks about treating diseases but also an equally bigger wing – prevention. Is there any money to be made from prevention? No.

That’s why large corporate companies around the world insuring conducts wellness programs, have even wellness departments doing awareness talks, etc. on prevention so that people do not fall sick often. Even if it looks like the act of engaging employees, the hidden agenda is also to help insurance premiums. That’s a great example – there is no money in wellness, only in illness. Ayurveda is a lot about prevention and that’s the beauty of Ayurveda as a medical system.

Coming back to the money in sickness, the modern pharmaceutical industry and diagnostics industries thrive on medical professionals and their practice. If you ask me, you have no idea how many pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic labs reach out to me and ask me to refer their lab tests and medicines for my patients. The perks are high. Some even promise international travel among others.

We have all been wired subconsciously a certain way by marketing; for example, the blood-test culture. When you have a disease condition and it is important for the doctor to run some tests, that is absolutely ethical as this will help the doctor have a clear-cut diagnosis and plan your further treatment well. As doctors, we all do that. I do that too.

That’s doing blood tests for diagnosing diseases. That’s a thing.

What about doing blood tests for diagnosing health? Not just blood tests, DNA tests, food intolerance tests, food allergy tests and gazillion tests. Children as young as 3 to 4 years are subjected to all these tests – all for diagnosing health. Unfortunately, not everyone may approve of what I am saying, which is ok ‚that is how marketing has strongly and deeply wired their brains.

People love to be comfortable. We have everything around us – every facility around us to make our lives comfortable. People want to hear what makes them comfortable. They hear the same messages continuously. They are happy and comfortable hearing them. But when someone says something, which is not what they have heard usually, they get uncomfortable. There is a lot of misinformation or programmed information around. I, as an Ayurvedic doctor,  aim to bring your awareness by giving you the right information. Since what I say may be different from what your ears have been tuned to, you will become uncomfortable. But that uncomfortableness‚ if that’s even a word, will challenge you and make you think.

This is why I exist for you. To provide you with knowledge of Ayurveda and health, which is real, practical and authentic.

As I said in the beginning, I believe, the health choices that you make in your life should be from a point of awareness and not ignorance.

And for that, I am here for you!

And if you’re struggling with any health issues, book a consultation with us or if you have any queries, contact us. We’ll help bring you back to your optimal health.

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