You might have seen many sources in the internet suggesting fruits for breakfast as part of a healthy diet. But Ayurveda has a different opinion.

Here’s why.

#1 Mornings are cold, dewy, and moist

Fruits are cold, moist and slimy as well. What is cold, moist and slimy in our body?


#2 Fruits are sweet, heavy and cold.

What is sweet, heavy and cold in our body?


#3 6am to 10am is Kapha Kala

This is the time Kapha is at its peak – think excessive mucous, blocked nose, runny nose, and all upper respiratory tract symptoms.

#4 The Sun has just risen

Our digestive fire mimics the Sun. We do not have sharp digestive in the mornings. Hence we may not be able to digest cold, sweet, heavy foods at this time.

Then what is a good breakfast?

Anything warm, light and freshly cooked. Example, oatmeal, porridges, rice or chickpea flour, pancakes, stewed apples, green gram pancakes etc. These are not only light but also easy to digest.

When is the best time to have fruits?

Between 10am to 4pm (Pitta Kala) before or after a meal, but not with a meal.

Trust me, if you do this, your gut will thank you!

Doctor Rekha is a 4th generation Ayurvedic Medicine Doctor (BAMS) living in between Dubai and India who has patients from around the globe who believes that the wisdom of Ayurveda can help everyone lead a happy, heathy and disease-free life.

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