spoon shaped nails

A nail that scoops in the middle and is flat or concave at the surface is called a “spooned” nail. Spoon-shaped nails or Koilonychia are conditions where the nail loses its natural convexity and becomes concave.


The degree of this varies; the nail may split in half in the worst situations. Iron deficiency anaemia is the most frequent cause of spooned nails. Additional possible reasons of spoon-shaped nails include vascular illness, trauma, genetic abnormalities, autoimmune conditions such as lichen planus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, or Raynaud’s disease.


However, the most common cause is iron deficiency!


Iron plays a crucial role in our body by carrying oxygen in the bloodstream and facilitating various bodily functions. Consuming foods rich in iron can help address an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency occurs when there is a lack of iron in the body. Insufficient iron intake, gradual blood loss, pregnancy, and intense physical activity are commonly cited factors. Certain foods can inhibit your body from obtaining the necessary amount of iron.


Stages of iron deficiency


Iron is most concentrated in the red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to your body. Your liver stores excess iron when your body does not obtain enough from food. If you fail to consume sufficient food with iron, your body’s iron levels will decrease. 


Some common conditions related to iron are:


  • Iron depletion occurs when the body has low stored iron levels, even if the haemoglobin levels remain normal. It means you will soon deplete your iron supply. This phase often lacks noticeable symptoms.


  • When your body has a low amount of iron and insufficient red blood cells, it produces iron deficiency. Feeling tired and having other symptoms may be a possibility.


  • Iron deficiency anaemia occurs when the body lacks sufficient iron to transport oxygen to the cells properly. Symptoms may include being very pale, feeling breathless, experiencing dizziness, and feeling worn out. A low iron level in the bloodstream can make individuals more susceptible to illness due to weakened immune systems. Anaemia caused by a lack of iron can inhibit children’s growth and impact their brain development.


Ayurvedic ways to replenish iron stores


  1. 15 ml Amla shot with dry ginger added
  2. Draksharishtam – 15ml post food
  3. Avoiding spicy, slimy foods
  4. Soaked black raisins everyday


If your iron levels are not restored despite trying the above-mentioned tips, please consult an Ayurvedic doctor. The natural convexity of the nails will be restored once the iron levels are corrected. 

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