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Do you know in Ayurveda there are some foods that you should not consume in excess quantity as they can negatively affect your health? This is mentioned in Caraka Samhita as “Trividha Varjya Dravya”.


Trividha Atisevana Varjya Dravya means that three substances should not be taken for a long time. The three substances are Pippali, Kshara and Lavanga. These foods, when used in excess, cause vitiation of all 3 Doshas.

But what is the reason behind this? Let me explain one by one.


Pippali or long pepper


 Long pepper is one of the unique spices that has medical benefits. It is used for treating asthma, cough, obesity, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, indigestion, spleen disorders etc. Despite having medicinal value, it is advisable to not consume it for a long time as it leads to the rise in Kapha. Long pepper is hot in nature and when ingested on a regular basis for a long time, it increases Pitta Dosha and reduces Vata balance. Overall it contributes to the rise of Tridosha. One should always take it as per the instructions from your ayurvedic doctor. 


Food with Kshara properties like apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar and all kinds of vinegar come under the category of ‘Kshara’ in Ayurveda. 

The properties of Kshara as per Caraka Samhita include 

  1. Tikshna = Sharp
  2. Ushna Hot
  3. Laghu = Light
  4. Visoshana = Drying
  5. Kledayati = Blocks channels
  6. Dahana = Burning
  7. Bhedana = Penetrating


What happens when you use Kshara in excess?

  1. Bad for the eyes
  2. Bad for the hair
  3. Bad for the heart


An interesting quote from Caraka Samhita-

Ye hyenam grama nagara nigama janapada: satatamupayunjate te andhashandyakhalityapaalityabhajo hridayapakartinashcha bhavanti

“People of villages, towns and cities where Kshara is used every day, suffer from blindness, impotency, baldness, grey hair and heart diseases!”


A little, as a medicine, if prescribed for a reason, it is ok to have apple cider vinegar. However Ayurveda does not recommend everyday consumption.




It is one of the tastes every meal should have.


 “Lunati iti lavanam“. 


Salt has piercing properties  and helps easy absorption. It is hot, strong, piercing and  improves digestion. Salt taste dominates all the other tastes but overconsumption of salt is bad for the eyes, decreases the quality of blood and causes early ageing, baldness, graying and wrinkling. Salt should be minimal in your food if you have gastritis, hypertension, swelling in the body or high fever. Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the best salts for everyday use. I advise my patients to use a mix of Himalayan Pink Salt and  normal sea salt to help with iodine needs as well!

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