When Atma departs from the body, the body becomes devoid of consciousness – just like a vacant house without it’s owner.

Atma is the doer.

But it cannot perform any action without coming into contact with the mind. And the mind cannot function alone without the Atma.

The Atma is omnipresent.

But when its put in a body, it becomes trapped to their own sense organs, pleasures and bound by past-life Karma (good and bad).

The Atma is free.

The Atma is absolutely free to act the way it likes (free will). However, these actions are powered by the fruits of one’s own Karma.

But by controlling the mind (‘manascha and samadhanat’), Atma becomes powerful.

An Atma devoid of desires and action, attains salvation.

Though Atma is present only in one body, closely knit with the mind and Karma, it is a part of the bigger, all-pervading Atma – the universal consciousness (a.k.a Brahman).

That’s why it is said –

Yatha Pinde Tatha Bramhande (As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm)





Aham Brahmasmi

(I am Bramhan)


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