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According to Ayurveda, every human being goes through three stages in their life: the Kapha phase, the Pitta phase and the Vata phase. 


What do these phases comprise?


Let us find out!


Kapha Phase


This is the growth phase, also known as the building phase. This is the time starting from your birth to the puberty phase. During this growth phase, you will feel that you mostly have mucus-related conditions and upper respiratory tract conditions because this is a Kapha-dominant phase.


The nature of Kapha Dosha


The soil and water components make up the majority of Kapha. It is, without a doubt, the densest and most substantial of the three Doshas. In addition to providing the body with structure, cohesion, lubrication, hydration, and sustenance, Kapha is heavy, slow, calm, greasy, smooth, soft, steady, gross, and foggy. It also supports anabolic (building) biological processes and growth.


Pitta Phase


It is also known as the maintenance phase, and this is the time when you reach puberty to the time you reach 50 or 60 years. During this phase, you mostly have conditions around the stomach area, and this includes menstrual issues, reproductive issues, stomach-related issues and many more.  


The nature of Pitta Dosha


Fire and water make up the majority of the elements that make up Pitta. Compared to Kapha, Pitta is less dense and more solid than Vata. It controls digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, transformation, and body temperature. It is light, sharp, hot, greasy, liquid, spreading, and subtle by nature.


Vata Phase


It is also called the decline phase. Moving onwards from 50- 60 years, your body goes through the declining phase, and this is the time when Vata is predominant. During this time, your body will feel muscular-related conditions. You undergo a variety of physical and mental changes when the Vata element in the constitution rises, from dry skin to deteriorating cognitive function. However, wisdom and softness can also come with the Vata stage. 


The nature of Vata Dosha


Vata is the most delicate of the three Doshas, mainly composed of the elements air and ether (space). Vata governs mobility, communication, creativity, flexibility, and expansiveness. It is light, chilly, dry, rough, mobile, subtle, and transparent by nature.


The Kapha, Pitta, and Vata stages of life are consecutive times in our lives when we naturally and physiologically experience an increase in the characteristics that are specific to each of the Doshas. For instance, children who are in the Kapha stage of life have greater access to the attributes of Kapha due to the inherent rise in Kapha traits in the body. However, this also raises the possibility of having a Kapha imbalance because like attracts like. Also, exposing kids to more Kapha-pacifying elements that support balance is one strategy to avoid or treat Kapha imbalances in kids.


Even though all three of these life stages are merely generalizations, this framework may be rather insightful, particularly when examined through the prism of your own experience and takes into consideration the plethora of other factors that are particular to you. You are considerably more likely to experience the effects of those energies that most correspond with your constitution and current level of balance, your mental and emotional character, and your lifestyle choices. Keep in mind that each of us progressively moves from one stage to the next. In the end, what counts is how your unique Doshas are affecting you at any given time. 

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