Receiving the Kerala Kaumudi Excellence Award - A Win for Real Ayurveda!

Recently,  I received an Excellence Award from the honourable Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammed Khan for my contribution towards Ayurveda.  

When I received a letter informing me that I had been selected as a recipient of  award, it was a surreal moment. At first, I couldn’t believe that my passion had garnered such recognition.

The award is not just a personal achievement. I’d rather consider it as a validation of Ayurveda’s relevance and importance in modern times. I am really happy that Ayurveda is getting the recognition it truly deserves. I’d consider this award a win for Real Ayurveda!

excellence award

The day of the award ceremony was a whirlwind of emotions. Standing on that stage, receiving the award, I felt a deep sense of gratitude to all the people who had supported me throughout my journey – my family, my mentors, my team and the people who came to me, trusting me as a doctor. It was a humbling experience that reminded me of the immense responsibility that came with the honour.

My career as an Ayurvedic doctor started as a simple step towards continuing the legacy of my father and forefathers. When I started out , the only thing I had with me was my knowledge and my trust in Ayurveda. As I gained experience, I realised how Ayurvedic practices were often tweaked to match the modern standards. That’s when I figured out my ultimate goal – bringing global recognition to real Ayurveda and started working towards it. To many, my contributions might seem like a drop in the ocean. But I believe even the tiniest drop can start a ripple!  

 I’d like to think of all awards and recognitions I have received so far as a proof that I’m walking down the right path. 

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The one person I’m always grateful for as I stand at this point in my career is my dad. Whatever I’ve done and achieved so far was possible because of my dad. He had given me the biggest gift in the form of lessons, wisdom and love that I’d always cherish. And that’s why when I stood on the stage receiving my award, I missed him more than I ever did. It made me realise that nothing in the world can bring the happiness of having our parents alive and seeing us succeed!  

Today, when I look back, I realise that my journey from being a BAMS student to an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner has been filled with dedication, challenges and moments of profound joy. Winning the Excellence Award is not just an endpoint, but a new beginning. It has motivated me to continue working towards my ultimate goal.  

My journey is far from over! Ayurveda has not only enriched my life, but has also allowed me to contribute to the well-being of countless individuals. And I am excited to see how it will continue to evolve and touch more lives. 

I believe this award is a reminder that when you follow your heart and dedicate yourself to a cause you believe in, the possibilities are endless.  And I’m going to make use of all those possibilities to move forward towards my goal!

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