Health Programs

The health programs are designed to start with finding the root cause of your health condition and then heal it through treatment that involves 80% of food, lifestyle and routine and 20% of medicines.

All our programs

Women's Hormonal Health Program
Women's Hormonal Health Program
Poor food and lifestyle choices and stress can affect the functioning of the body and cause hormonal imbalance in women. Our women’s hormonal health program will help you find the root cause of the hormonal imbalance and treat them through healthy Ayurvedic...
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Conception Program -min
Conception Program (6 months only)
Through our conception program, we help create the right environment in your womb to help you conceive naturally just how a seed is provided soil, air, water and sunlight to grow. We aim to create a similar environment for fertilisation and for your child...
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Cancer Rehabilitation Program -min
Cancer Rehabilitation Program
For cancer treatment, modern medicine is your answer. There are no alternatives/replacements for chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. But don’t stop there and think that the treatment is over. You need to get the toxicity accumulated by all these...
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Ayurvedic Wellbeing Program -min
Ayurvedic Wellbeing Program
Our Ayurvedic Wellness Program works for anyone who wishes to understand the essence of well-being and health in a deeper sense. In the program, we help include healthy Ayurvedic practices in your daily life to improve overall health and to keep Doshas...
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What is the cost of the programs?

Cost of the programs depends on the kind of program you take. We have the following programs:

  • Gut Health Program
  • Weight Loss Program
  • PCOS Reversal Program
  • Skin & Hair Care Program
  • Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program
  • Thyroid Reversal Program
  • IBS Reversal Program
  • Immunity Development Program
  • Child Nutrition Program
  • Women’s Hormonal Health Program
  • Mental Health Program
  • Conception Program (6 months only)
  • Men’s Health Program
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Program
  • Ayurvedic Wellbeing Program
What do the health programs include?

Our health programs include different steps. It includes consultation with the doctor, personalized treatment plan, sourcing the prescribed medicines, creation of WhatsApp group consisting of a team doctor, nutritionist, a head nutritionist and yourself, Panchakarma cleanses and review. You can also enrol for online yoga sessions with Doctor Rekha’s own teacher along with the health program. You can find the details of health programs here (Click Here)

Do I have to be in India during the course of health programs?
Do I have to be in India during the course of health programs?

No. You can attend the program online. The consultation and every other step of the health programs will be conducted online, under the supervision of Dr. Rekha and team doctors.

How do I know which health program to sign up for?

You can choose the health program based on your health condition. If you are not sure, you can consult with Dr. Rekha and follow her suggestions.

Can I pay for the health programs in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in instalments.