Do you know Ayurveda recommends drinking rainwater (Antareeksha Jalam)?


According to Ayurveda,  drinking rain water can be beneficial for many reasons. Ayurveda recommends fresh, clean rainwater to help balance the body’s natural energies, improve the digestive system, and reduce any discomfort or pain associated with digestive issues. Additionally, it is believed to be a natural diuretic and helps flush toxins from the body. 


Ayurveda also believes that rainwater contains healing properties, which can help reduce inflammation, support mental clarity, and provide relief from stress. In particular, Ayurvedic practitioners believe that drinking rainwater can help clear out Ama, which is the accumulation of toxins in the body caused by an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. 


Finally, Ayurveda teaches that rainwater carries a unique energy and vibration that can help us connect more deeply to nature. This connection is thought to be especially beneficial for spiritual growth and emotional wellbeing.




Choose the rain

Water collected after a few days of rain is ideal.


Choose the vessel

Copper vessels are great for the collection of rainwater.



Collect rainwater after an hour of rain. Leave it overnight in the moonlight (covered with a thin cotton cloth – optional). Boil and drink the next day!


“Antareeksha Jalam” or rainwater that has come in contact with sunlight, moon light and wind has the following properties: Jeevaneeya (enlivening), Tarpana (satiating),  Hrudya (good for heart),  Buddhi Prabodhanam ( improves intellect), Tanu (Thin), Avyaktarasa (imperceptible taste),  Sheeta (cold),  Laghu (light to digest), Amrutopamam ( nectar-like).


Rain water is divided into four types  – Dhara,  Kara, Tausara, Haima. Dhara Jala is the best among them due to its Laghu property.


Drinking rain water is comforting, relieves fatigue and is great for health.


However, whether rain water is safe or not depends on the season and location. If you live in a highly polluted area, with very low air quality, drinking rainwater may not be for you.


I used to drink rainwater a lot as a child! 12 years in Dubai – never! Now that I am in Kerala, I wish to do it more often!


Have you tried drinking rainwater?


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