I was never this happy, energetic, outgoing, person that you see today! It took years of work, I must say, to come out of my shell. Though my work spoke enough for me, my personality was of this shy person who was not confident enough to talk to a group of more than 2 people. 

In meetings, I never opened my mouth, never asked a question, due to the innate fear of rejection. 

Years later as my career progressed, I was faced with situations where I had to open my mouth and speak for myself. I realised I was losing out on many frontiers of my growth, if I never spoke. 

I realised no one would do this for me, unless I take the steps myself to become a better version of me

I made a plan and started with baby steps

In work meetings, I made it a thing, to speak at least two sentences. Trust me, it was a struggle to get myself to do even that, trying to build the confidence I never had

In college I started asking questions to professors even though they were silly, just to participate, to overcome my fear of eyeballs looking at me.

I joined a local speech lover’s organisation which conducted monthly speaking competitions. I became an active part of it and delivered my first prepared public speech, in front of some 15 odd people. My knees crackled, my throat became dry and someone offered me water, but in the end, I was happy to break the biggest fear of my life.

I started reading more to talk more. In no time, with a lot of hard work, I mastered the art of speaking

The same me who found it uncomfortable to speak in a meeting room with 3 people around, started speaking to audiences as large as a 1000 people and more.

The post image is of my first health talk, in front of an audience of 400 chartered accountants, in 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Today I am an expert passionate speaker and I love inspiring people to live their life in the healthiest and happiest way! 

Growth happens only when you step out of your comfort zone & challenge yourself. 

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