Winning awards always reminds me of how long I have come from being a graduate to an experienced Ayurveda doctor who understands the need to spread the essence of real Ayurveda, which seems to be lost today, thanks to the business goals and money mindedness.

My journey as a health influencer started from the very thought that my responsibilities as a doctor – especially being from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners for generations, in imparting the right knowledge about Ayurveda hold importance and to make people aware that Ayurveda might be one of the oldest traditional systems of medicine, but that it is still relevant in the modern world. The patients who approach me, the queries I get in my messages and the awards I receive are all proofs that I am being successful in my attempts. 

The latest award I received in October 2022 – Digital Health award by IHW Council, Health Authority of India is another reminder of my journey and my responsibilities. I am deeply honoured to have received the award and will continue my attempts of spreading knowledge about Ayurveda.    

And if you’re struggling with any health issues, book a consultation with me. We’ll help bring you back to good health.

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