trip to the UK

I often lead a busy life.


With consultations and other tasks surrounding my hospital, it’s hard to take a breather on a normal working day.

That’s one of the reasons I choose to travel occasionally. Travelling has always been one of my favourite things to do. For me, it’s not just taking a break from my otherwise hectic life. It’s also about the joy and excitement that fills in me while exploring the different cultures, languages and foods.


My recent destination was the UK.


I’ve been wanting to go there earlier this year, but couldn’t due to certain issues. And now that I did, I loved every bit of it!


Here’s a glimpse of my trip to the UK.


I visited the UK by the end of the autumn season. Winter was setting in and it was really cold. It also rained in between. Roads were adorned with hues of oranges, reds, golds and yellows – just like the serene autumn view out of a desktop wallpaper or a painting.


trip to the UK_autumn










I had an amazing time there riding the subway, exploring the streets of London and of course, doing lots of shopping! In between, I even met some amazing human beings.



trip to the UK_londonstreets trip to the UK_streets trip to the UK_str trip to the UK_london



And of course, how could I miss the famous Buckingham Palace?



trip to the UK_buckingham palace










Another thing I loved about my trip was the food! I tried the local food and also, visited Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant – Heddon Street Kitchen. 


trip to the UK_food










By the time I landed back in India, I was all refreshed and rejuvenated. And I was back to my busy schedules with a fresh mind!

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