Ayurvedic Treatment of PCOS

Ayurveda considers PCOS as “artava dushti” which translates to menstrual abnormality. This happens due to vitiation of Vata, Pitta & Kapha. However, the highs and lows of vitiation varies from patient to patient.

Treatment protocol 1 – Vihara (Lifestyle)

  • Sleep is the most important parameter to corrected as sleep irregularities are one of the main causes of PCOS as per Ayurveda
  • Moderate exercise to half of one’s strength and capacity is ideal. No extreme, strenuous workouts are advised.
  • Meditation, breathing exercises like Kapalbhati, daily Abhyanga (oil massages) are helpful

Treatment protocol 2Ahara (food)

  • A customized diet that balances the vitiated doshas is ideal. Eg. If the patient presents with PCOS due to excess Kapha imbalance, the diet should be light. Vata imbalance – the diet should be nourishing.
  • Reducing inflammatory foods like black gram, yoghurt, night shades like capsicum, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants etc will help.
  • Overall, having light, easily digestible well cooked foods with good fats added is important.

Treatment protocol 3Internal medicines

In my practice, for most cases of PCOS that come to me, I do not usually prescribe medicines. I put them on a 3-month diet and routines protocol based on their imbalance and they get better. In cases where internal medicines are required, there is no one-size fits all in Ayurveda. The medicines vary from patient to patient depending on the imbalances.

Doctor Rekha is a 4th generation Ayurvedic Medicine Doctor (BAMS) living in between Dubai and India who has patients from around the globe who believes that the wisdom of Ayurveda can help everyone lead a happy, heathy and disease-free life.

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