Is Ayurveda a Pseudoscience?

Ayurveda is a pseudoscience!   Ayurveda is old and outdated!   Ayurveda is not relevant!     As much as I have a huge number of Ayurveda enthusiasts who love my content on Ayurveda, I also come across a few who have the above-mentioned notions.     Hence this blog to enlighten you about the relevance of Ayurveda.     … Continue reading Is Ayurveda a Pseudoscience?

Why is Ayurveda called a “holistic” system of medicine?

Ayurveda is often described as a “holistic” system of medicine.       But what does it mean for a medical system to be holistic, and why is Ayurveda considered one?      Here’s the answer.      Ayurveda teaches us to look at things from a macro level. Focussing too narrowly may often lead us to wrong conclusions.  … Continue reading Why is Ayurveda called a “holistic” system of medicine?