Dr. Lakshya (BAMS) is an Ayurvedic expert hailing from Kerala, India. She completed her UG studies and internship from Govt. Ayurveda College, Tripunithura. She is a well-disciplined and confident physician who wants to globalize the healing power of Ayurveda worldwide.

Dr. Lakshya started her career as a resident medical officer in a reputed NABH accredited hospital in Bangalore. Later on, she worked as a consultant in an Ayurvedic orthopedic hospital where she got the chance to develop her skills over Ayurvedic management of various musculoskeletal diseases. As an Ayurvedic expert, she guides her clients in balancing the Doshas to find true health by combining optimal diet, herbal remedies, lifestyle habits and meditation techniques to heal the spirit. She always addresses the root cause of the patient’s presenting symptoms and treats them from the base level to attain an overall well-being.