4 Day Mind-Body
Detox Program
with Doctor Rekha

Rejuvenate your mind and body to live a disease-free life!

Start Date

26th October, 2023


6:30 PM IST




1 Hour


 Kick-off Session with Doctor Rekha starting in


Who can attend the program?

This detox is for you, if you have

A less active lifestyle

Improper eating habits & digestive issues

Overthinking & brain fog

Skin issues




Weight gain

Mind-Body Detox Program

This detox is for you, if you have:

  • a less active lifestyle
  • improper eating habits
  • overthinking
  • brain fog
  • digestive issues
  • skin issues
  • allergies
  • obesity
  • PCOS

and yes, if you wish to lose some weight!

What’s included?


Personalized detox plan

Get a personalized detox plan tailor-made for you, that suits your body & health conditions.


WhatsApp guidance

Continuous progress monitoring and community support through WhatsApp

video-call (1)

Live Zoom call with Dr. Rekha Radhamony

Discover all about the program, the cleanse, and the diet, during the 1-hour live session.

customer-service (1)

Q & A session

Engage in an informative Q&A session to clear your doubts and gain deeper knowledge.


Choose your own dates & and time zone

Choose the ideal dates based on your convenience for your 4-day detox program, whichever part of the world you are!

What you’ll gain

Restore the balance of your body and mind

Feel refreshed and energized

Say goodbye to brain fog

Reset & optimize your digestion

Get healthy, radiant skin that glows from the inside

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle

Curriculum for 4-days

Preparation Stage

1. Completing the medical history form

2. Scheduling a call on materials for cleanse/ dosages

3. Attending the 1-hour video call with Dr. Rekha along with fellow participants on Zoom

Execution Stage

Day 1:


Discover how to transform your health completely by adopting simple Ayurvedic cleansing techniques.

Day 2:


Experience the feeling of lightness and happiness through simple food & and routines!

Day 3:


Unlock and discover the secrets of gaining control over your mind and not letting it control you!

Day 4:


Master the art of building your digestive fire from zero to 100 with our specialized diet plan. Be ready for a surprise!

Pick Your Dates For Cleanse

Please choose one from the below options:

Batch 1: First weekend of November (02-11-2023 to 5-11-2023)

Batch 2: Third weekend of November 2023 (16-11-2023 to 19-11-2023)

Batch 3: Choose this option if the above options don’t work for you! You’ll get a detailed guide with instructions for a self-paced cleanse too.

About Dr. Rekha Radhamony

Dr. Rekha Radhamony is a fourth-generation Ayurvedic doctor, serving patients from over 61 countries. Recently acclaimed as the “Best Ayurvedic Doctor 2022” by IHW Council, Health Authority of India, she champions the belief that ‘food is medicine’. Dr. Radhamony has an impressive track record, having successfully treated over 20,000 patients worldwide for chronic diseases, skin and hair conditions, gastrointestinal issues, and women’s health concerns over the last 13 years of her practice.


What do I need for the detox program?
I don’t think I am free during the given slots. Can I do this on my own?
I live in the US. Does your WhatsApp support cover patients abroad too?
Do I get an instruction manual for the detoxification?
Will I get the complete recipes of the diet plan for 4 days?
Do I need to get medicines for the detox?

People are saying

 Aditi Kulkarni


This cleanse has helped me feel great mentally. I feel really happy, clear and light. Apart from the lightness in the stomach and body, also it was the first time without any gadgets for me and I could successfully do that.. only thanks to all the angels in Dr Rekha’s team, of course the star angel being Dr Rekha herself. I have always followed her on Instagram and use all her products too and they are nothing short of a miracle so I am not at all surprised that this cleanse was a miracle too 

Ritu Gupta


The cleanse was so different from all the other cleanses out there, some have complete fasting, some have other omissions, but this was based purely out of Ayurveda, the ghee, the eranda tailam and the ingenious recipes were outstanding.

These cleanses are most difficult alone so its really great to have such a wonderful and supportive community around you, probably one of the many reasons it was successful. Last but not least was the mind detox, which is such a much-needed thing in today’s time when every day is such a hustle, I never thought simple things would make me feel so good and that teaches us the value of everyday things that we take for granted. Thanks to all of you.

Rinku Sharma


The cleanse really helped me a lot. I feel lighter and have no bloating and I realize that I can control my urges desires and cravings. There is magic in simple food. Thanks to Dr. Rekha and the team for guiding and motivating us all along.



I have been following Dr Rekha since last year on Instagram. This is the first time in my life I have opted for such a cleanse program. And I must say this program not only helps me to cleanse my body but it also makes me realize the importance of taking care of our health. After three days I came to know the dosha of my body…. Now I know what to do when my headache triggered, now I know what to do and not to do.

The credit truly goes to the team. They are always there to guide us, to understand us, to soothe us, and to keep us motivated through the journey. I am truly grateful to you and will always be. More and more power to you all. This was such a beautiful journey and I am really happy to be a part of it. Thank you 😊



I am glad I did not postpone the cleanse and took it right away. I am glad I did not give up in between too .. Ghee, dry ginger, and moong, I will look at them differently henceforth. Unlike the famous juice detox this was all about warm food..  the cleanse helped me understand my body better .. I now know why I have headaches or dry eyes.. it was a wonderful experience overall. It gives me the courage to restart my Ekadashi fasting.

For all these and more, many thanks to Dr. Rekha & Team.



I am glad to have taken up the detox program. Thank you for taking us to our old age body cleanse technique and also reminding us that we can also avoid the gadgets as our ancestors as they didn’t have any. The body feels rejuvenated and the mind feels strong. Thank you to all the wonderful people on the team for your constant support and motivation. Waiting for such programs in the near future with you all.  Thank you and lots of love to your team❤️

Kanak Kabra


Not only this cleanse has detoxified the body it has also detoxified our minds, an aspect most cleanse programs ignore. The guidance and support from the team of Dr. Rekha is commendable. Hats off to the team’s patience. You never missed a single text and answered everything with so much patience. 👏👏. The motivation and support have made it possible for all of us to sail through.

Besides we gained insight into a lot of knowledge related to our very own Ayurveda. Thanks for sharing it throughout the program.

This program has made me understand the real strength of my body and mind. Thanks to Dr.Rekha for her tireless efforts in making Ayurveda simple and easy to understand for all. I am a big fan of hers. (Someone please convey this to her). Thanks, my fellow participants. It was an amazing journey we took together and I loved it completed. ❤️

Ashwini B


Thank you Dr. Rekha and team for making this happen.. I am an Ayurveda follower. During COVID times, I somehow got to see Dr. Rekha’s page. I love all the information she gives on her Instagram page. When I got to know about this cleanse program, I was not sure if I could do it. But I was super excited to go with this program. And I am happy that I could do it. Basically, this has not only cleansed my body and mind, it also made me more confident. Thank you for patiently listening to all my queries and answering them



I am happy that most part of my sinus is cleared and mind detox was very much needed. I have struggled with sleep forever. No medicine and simple things which reset the body is what I am amazed of… The community support and knowing the experiences of fellow participants and responses by Dr. Rekha’s team helped to clear a lot of doubts and inhibitions… thanks to all of you… Heartfelt gratitude to everyone ✨✨✨✨🌼

Swapna Narayan


I have been wanting to do a detox for quite some time and i am so glad to have come across Dr Rekha on Instagram. This detox has not only helped in body cleansing but also in mind control. I feel light, have lost 1kg, feel better from acidity and my skin looks fresh. I must add that it was really nice to see Dr Rekha’s team continually motivating the participants in the group. Keep up the good work!



After this cleanse, I feel so much lighter and I have a new perspective on the diet and routines. I really enjoyed the cleanse, it made me excited to wake up early and this is something I would incorporate in my life. I see there’s a dip in my weight by 1.4kg. Even though that’s not my goal for this program, I’m happy about it. On the last day, though I felt tired, I was surprised that I had so much energy to finish a 250-page novel, sketch a small muse, meditate, and cook food for myself. I’m grateful for finding Dr. Rekha and her team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pooja todi


Thanks to Dr. Rekha and the team !!

This 3-day mini detox was such a good experience! This cleanse taught me kind of taught me controlling the mind and food is the key to happiness. Thank u very much! I have lost approx. 1.3 kg!



Dear Dr. Rekha & Team thank you so much for the wonderful cleansing program. It was such a great experience, I lost a kg, feeling lighter and more confident about my food choices than before. Special thanks for the yummy recipes and the beautiful playlist. Thank you for the constant support (even at 2 AM!!!).

Thank you for making me know the value of detoxing the mind.

Love and gratitude to the team.

Poornima S


With the detox program, I felt light on my constantly bloating tummy.

I understood the power of clean eating.

Thank u so much for guiding us…

And I don’t want to forget to mention that the team was very patient in clearing my doubt whenever I asked…thank u so much… more power to u doctor..❤️

4-Day Ayurvedic Mind Body Detox

Contribution: Rs. 3500