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I have seen social media influencers incorporating a “hand-full” of supplements, in different colours and sizes, in their morning routine. Whenever I see that, I always think of how their liver might be crying for help with all that! 


In the past, people used medicines and supplements for diseases. Nowadays “health” is so marketed that everyone thinks they need all of these supplements to stay healthy!!! 


In reality, health thrives in simplicity. The more you complicate “health”, the more you are disturbing the natural balance of the body. Take what is absolutely necessary and stop unnecessary supplements, be it herbal, Ayurvedic or artificial. You are only as healthy as your liver health. 


What is your liver’s main job? 


Your liver is like a superhero in your body. It detoxifies everything—from regular food to junk food, supplements, medicines, and even your feelings. Your liver has a very responsible and a hectic job.  


Therefore, your liver yearns for nothing, but a break.  


What can you do for your liver health? 


Now, how can you support your liver? The answer is simple and ancient – fasting! 

Fasting is like nature’s reset button. Giving ample rest to the liver by fasting helps it to replenish, repair and function optimally.  


Benefits of fasting for your liver health 


Fasting is the best supplement for liver and it is priceless. 


  • Rest and repair 

Fasting lets your liver rest and repair itself, keeping it in top shape. 


  • Detoxification 

Without new food coming in, your liver can focus on detoxifying your body, getting rid of toxins and keeping you healthy. 


  • Blood sugar control 

Fasting helps regulate blood sugar levels, making things easier for your liver and improving your overall metabolism. 


  • Weight management 

Fasting encourages your body to use stored fat for energy, taking some load off your liver. 


 Do not overdo it 


While fasting is fantastic for liver health, it is crucial to find the right balance. Pay attention to your body and consult an Ayurvedic doctor, especially if you are suffering from health conditions. Too much or too long fasting can be harmful, so find a rhythm that works for you. 


So, the next time you think about adding another supplement to your routine, remember, the best one for your liver is free – fasting. Listen to your body and give your liver the support it craves. 

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