This is a course designed to empower you with all the knowledge about how to live a disease-free life with Ayurveda and is entirely based on Caraka Samhita, one of the three basic texts of Ayurveda.



Why is this course close to my heart?
This course is very close to my heart. I have worked months on end on this – making notes, creating slides, referring my old class notes while studying BAMS, and also finding ways to simplify complex Sanskrit Shlokas (verses) for you to understand easily, without losing the essence of it.
Course syllabus
The course is split into two modules, each having 4 chapters
  • Prevention with Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Dietetics
There will be 8 classes (3 hours each) in total, the first four on Prevention and the next four on Dietetics.
Module 1 – Prevention
  • The concept of mind
  • The urges of the mind and the body
  • The 5 senses
  • The daily routine (Dinacharya)
  • The 6 seasons & seasonal routine (Ritucharya)
  • The good conduct
  • The concept of Agni & how to improve Agni
  • Functions of food beyond nourishment
  • The concept of Ojus and the heart
Module 2 – Dietetics
  • How improper food causes diseases
  • Classification of food
  • Favourable and unfavourable foods
  • Types of foods, their properties and actions on the body
  • The 6 tastes
  • Incompatible foods
  • Protocols to be followed while consuming food
  • Common foods and their uses in the treatment of diseases


Additional Information