Dr. Anu P K is a seasoned Ayurveda practitioner with an MD in Rasasastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana (Ayurvedic Therapeutics). She completed her graduation from Nangelil Ayurveda Medical College, Kothamangalam and post-graduation from SDM College of Ayurveda.

Dr. Anu brings along her 5 years of research and clinical experience in the effective management of a vast array of diseases, which include lifestyle management disorders, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, gastritis, musculoskeletal diseases to name a few. She also has an eye for detail in the management of queries related to aesthetic and cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Anu employs the treatment modalities in Ayurveda with practical approach by understanding the patients’ concerns and handling them effortlessly boosting their morale in the same. She was also a participant in many national and international seminars and conferences related to Ayurveda.